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The Spice House
chai spices
Chai Spices
overhead view of chai spice
flatpack of chai spices
Chai Spices
Chai Spices
chai spices
chai spices
Chai Spices
overhead view of chai spice
flatpack of chai spices
Chai Spices
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Chai Spices

Global Flavor
Fall Flavor

Embrace the aromatic allure of Chai Spices, flavors that conjure images of bustling Indian bazaars, warm conversations, and the comfort of a steaming cup of tea in one's hand. Chai, meaning 'tea' in Hindi, is more than just a drink in many cultures—it’s a ritual, a moment of respite, and a journey into a rich tapestry of flavors and traditions. Our Chai Blend is based on a traditional Indian recipe with a hint of vanilla added. It’s great for adding something new to your morning coffee or for spicing creamy vanilla pastries.

To make an authentic cup as sold by chaiwallas from Mumbai to Kolkata, stir 1 tablespoon of our chai spices and 2 tablespoons of milk into your favorite cup of black tea.

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The Spice House

Staff Tips & Tricks

  • Not only for beverages, use a tablespoon of this when making homemade granola!
  • A great addition to a simple sugar cookie or shortbread recipe.
  • Sprinkle on yogurt or parfaits for added spice.
  • Mix a little vanilla chai powder into whipped cream for hot cocoa.
  • Use this blend to flavor frosting for carrot or pumpkin cake.

About This Spice

At the heart of Chai Spices is a masterful blend, each component handpicked to create the perfect balance. The sharp bite of ginger, the sweet warmth of cinnamon, the spicy depth of cardamom, and the aromatic touch of cloves and black pepper come together in a dance of flavors that is both invigorating and comforting. Yet, the beauty of these spices extends beyond chai. They can be infused into desserts, added to savory dishes, or sprinkled onto lattes, bringing a hint of the exotic to everyday recipes.

What sets Chai Spices apart, beyond its delightful taste, is the commitment to authenticity and quality. Every ingredient is sourced from regions that celebrate chai as a way of life, ensuring that the blend is as genuine as the tradition it represents. When you choose Chai Spices, you aren't merely selecting a blend; you're choosing a story, a heritage, and an experience that has warmed hearts for generations.

Chai Spices Key Features:

  • Authentic Blend: A meticulously crafted mixture that embodies the true essence of traditional chai with a hint of vanilla.
  • Versatile Flavors: While perfect for brewing chai, this blend also elevates a myriad of sweet and savory dishes.
  • Premium Ingredients: Each spice is ethically sourced from regions renowned for their quality and tradition.

With Chai Spices, every cup becomes a celebration, and every meal takes on a note of the extraordinary. Let it transport you to a world where spices tell tales, and warmth is a sip away. Indulge in the authentic flavors and let the magic of chai spices enrich your culinary journey.


Cane sugar, vanilla powder (dextrose, vanilla), cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, black pepper.

Spice Highlights

Taste Notes
sweet, warm, spicy
Perfect For
chai tea, vanilla pastries

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chai spices

Chai Spices


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Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Katrina L.
Chai at Home

I love this Chai Spice mix. I brew a cup of nice strong black tea, add milk or oat milk creamer and enjoy. I have given this as a gift too. My friend loves her in coffee. You won't regret this one.

Sophia C.

Chai Spices

Morning Chai

Great beginning, Chai & cocoa Masala with almond milk

Every morning

I don’t want to make my Breakfast Tea too strong. Your chai spices make that possible — a few shakes, a little milk, and I’m back in India.

Becky E.
Love this stuff

I love this stuff i ordered another flat before my 1 was even close to being done and its now only at half...

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