Described as a cross between onion and garlic, shallots are a member of the onion family. Ideal for a quick sauce, their light, sweet and delicate flavor enhances just about any dish you can think of adding them to. Better still, these freeze dried shallots won’t spoil before you can use them.


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It takes 18 pounds of fresh shallots to produce 1 pound of freeze-dried shallots, making them a fairly expensive item. Once you start using them, however, you won't want to be without. They have a light nature which allows them to blend well, without overwhelming, as onion and garlic sometimes do. Shallots make a good salt-free seasoning for low-sodium diets. Shrimp, scallops or crab all make quick, easy meals when sauteed in butter and white wine with shallots tossed in; serve over rice or pasta.
 Because these shallots are freeze-dried, you can easily powder them between your fingers and sprinkle over chicken, fish, steak or hamburgers. Try adding shallots to any vegetable medley, or omelets, or salad dressings.
Most dishes you add these freeze dried shallots to will have enough moisture to reconstitute them. If you want to add them to a dry dish, such as just sprinkling them over a salad, reconstitute them by covering with an equal part of water and letting them stand for a few minutes. We do recommend reconstituting before sauteing in butter or olive oil. We have found that reconstituting in red or white wine enhances the sauce even further.
Due to their fragile nature, freeze-dried shallots are sold in jars only. Grown in China

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