Taylor Street Cheese Sprinkle

Named for Chicago’s Italian neighborhood, this blend of rich Romano cheese powder with garlic and Italian herbs is a lovely seasoning for garlic bread, pasta, and baked or sauteed vegetables. Sprinkle it onto popcorn for a deliciously cheesy snack.


Old Taylor Street Cheese Sprinkle is named for a Chicago neighborhood with a long history of Italian campanilismo, or sense of place. It remains today in the many fine Italian delicatessens, bakeries, and pizzerias which flourish there. We designed this blend in honor of the neighborhood with some of Italy’s favorite flavors. It makes the best garlic bread we know of (just sprinkle on buttered bread and bake), or use in breading for chicken, steaks, eggplant, or zucchini.
For a potato dressing or vegetable dip, mix in 2 teaspoons per cup of sour cream.
For Sicilian-style breading, mix 2 tablespoons spices into 1 cup of plain breadcrumbs. Rub a bit of vegetable oil into the meat to help the crumbs stick better.
Gently hand-mixed from: Romano cheese powder, salt, garlic powder, scallions, powdered green peppercorns, Italian parsley, basil.
Serving Size: 1 tsp Percent Sodium: 7.23% Milligrams Sodium per teaspoon: 159.12 Percent Daily Value of Sodium per teaspoon: 6.63%

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