Wauwatosa Village Seasoning

Wauwatosa Village seasoning is the namesake seasoning for the hometown of the Penzey family. The main ingredient that focuses this blend is celery, combined with a number of other high-end components.


The blend was created by William Penzey, Sr. It is a great local favorite with many Milwaukee pubs (of which there are more per capita than anywhere else in the world, except London). The pubs use Wauwatosa Village Seasoning for grilled burgers, steaks, and to make THE BEST Sunday morning Bloody Mary. They run a lime around the rim of the glass, then dip the glass into a plate of Wauwatosa seasoning, and finally, sprinkle a generous amount into the drink. It's really tasty, even without alcohol; working just as well on Virgin Mary's, tomato juice, tomato soup, etc. It is fabulous on prime rib, and compliments sauteed vegetable medleys.

One might think you'd find Wauwatosa somewhere on the map between Wilmette and Winnetka. Fooled you! This

ethnic blend we attribute to Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, the city which the Penzey family calls their hometown, and for which we maintain a sentimental attachment. The original founders of The Spice House, Ruth and Bill Penzey, Sr., still operate a tiny family shop that is somehow magical. Even though my husband and I now run the business, my dad still has that special skill required to create wonderful new blends that refresh the palate. He has thousands of books, covering many subjects from antiquity to modern times. They are all somehow tied into food and his love of his chosen profession. My mom, who has been waiting on customers for 40 years, has an uncanny ability to make everyone feel as if she is a good friend, as well as seasoning advisor, even when she doesn't recall their names! We thought about dropping this blend from our line when we opened our Evanston location, as it didn't fit into the Chicago theme, but oddly enough, there seems to be almost karmic connections between Illinois  and Wauwatosa. Hardly a day goes by without some customer in our store mentioning that they used to live, work, or go to school in Wauwatosa!

So it remains, Wauwatosa Village Seasoning, a nice medley of Kosher flake salt, ground celery seed, sugar, Tellicherry black pepper, toasted onion powder, shallots, arrowroot, garlic and ground green peppercorns. Sodium content 622.79 mg per teaspoon; 19.46% sodium

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