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5 Reasons to Buy Spices Online & Skip the Store

Buying spices online, real vanilla, freshly ground cinnamon

If you’re still picking up your spices at the grocery store, you’re doing it wrong—missing out on flavor, variety, savings and much more. When you buy high-quality, small-batch spices online, you get the most out of them, and, now, it’s easier than ever. Here’s the five reasons why you should be adding spices to your virtual cart from here on out.

1. When Spices Skip the Shelf, They’re Months Fresher.

Spices have a shorter lifespan than you think—most start losing their flavor within a few months. (And, yes, that means you should probably toss anything tucked away in the dark corners of your cabinet.) The typical supply chain of a large spice company—from sourcing to packaging to sitting in the grocery store—means their spices are halfway to dust by the time they reach your kitchen.

Woman grinding fresh spices. black pepper, rosemary, and sea salt.

2. Grocery Store Spices Are Boring.

Grocery stores have mainstay spices, but what about Urfa Biber, Long Pepper, Grains of Paradise, Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt or Ultra Blue Lavender? It’s easier to find interesting and rare spices online, which means it is easier to discover new flavors and cuisines. So you can stock up on essentials and try something completely new, all in the same order.

Cambodian Long Pepper, exotic spices, rare spices.

3. You’ll Actually Know What You’re Buying—And Can Discover Something New.

Rather than staring at a wall of spices in the store—not knowing where to begin—you can get a quick and thorough spice education online while browsing for new flavors. Uncover the culture, origin and traditional uses of a spice, all while finding for the perfect recipe to use it in. It’s an experience you just can’t get in a grocery aisle.

4. Taking Out the Middle Man Saves You Money.

Buying spices online often means you’re buying straight from the source. Spices in the grocery store have to pass through upwards of three different hands before they get into yours, and each of those steps increases the price. Buying online means lower costs to you, and that agrees with everyone’s palate.

5. Free Shipping, Free Shipping, Free Shipping.

Online spice retailers all offer free shipping with a minimum purchase amount. The Spice House even offers everyone unlimited free shipping without any minimum purchase requirements. How? With our Flatpacks. Just buy the one spice you need. Or try something totally out of the box. Flatpacks ship for free, always.

The Spice House Flatpacks: Dill Weed, Apple Pie Spice, and Za'atar Flatpacks.

At The Spice House, we’ve spent the last 60 years cultivating a network of the best spice sources in the world. Now, we’re bringing the spice trade into the modern age with our new Flatpacks. Convenient to store, beautiful, and easy to use, they always ship for free. Shop our spices by family, region, or specialty, or explore our library of shoppable recipes

Order any time, and the most flavorful spices arrive right to your door. So you can get to the fun part—cooking and eating.


Smiling woman cooking with fresh spices.



Mary Anne Huff on March 10th, 2020

Thanks for the new info. Will order after reading about a few new herbs that I am not familiar with. Review will have to come later.
Mary Anne

Spice House on February 27th, 2020

Hi William,

Welcome to The Spice House! We hope you enjoy your first order.

Unfortunately we do not carry buckwheat. You can typically find it at organic grocery stores, Bob’s Red Mill also sells it online.

Happy cooking!

William Lowry on February 27th, 2020

Looking forward for our first shipment.
Do you have buck wheat? What about the?

Maryann turkington on November 20th, 2019

Madagascar vanilla