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Vanilla Extract Substitutes

vanilla extract substitute

Vanilla extract is a fragrant, floral flavor often used in baking. White cakes, custards and frosting often lean on the abundance of flavor vanilla provides. Vanilla can also be an ingredient that runs out and if used rarely, quick substitutes are helpful to have on hand. There are many common ingredients that can be used as a vanilla substitute already in your kitchen.


Substitutes for Vanilla Extract 

Nothing can really substitute the nuanced flavors of pure, authentic vanilla. However, when you're out of vanilla extract, there are a few other ingredients you can use to add flavor and complexity to your cakes, cookies, and pastries. Instead of vanilla extract, try tipping a teaspoon of one of these ingredients in your recipe.

How to Make Vanilla Extract

Hot to make vanilla extract with vodka and beans.

Making your own vanilla extract is easy and can be especially potent and flavorful when you use a quality bean such as a Madagascar vanilla bean. Vanilla beans from different areas of the world infuse unique flavor profiles into your baking. If you are looking for a rich variety with some raisin notes, consider using a Mexican vanilla bean. Tahitian vanilla beans are floral with cherry-like aroma.




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