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Moroccan Rice Pudding

Familiar Moroccan flavors like orange flower water, almond, and cinnamon give this pudding depth of flavor.
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Apple Cinnamon Nut Bread

I adapted this recipe from a great banana-nut bread recipe I have. --Chef Chip
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Chocolate Whisky Cake

This cake has lots of Irish charm, and makes a great St. Patrick's day treat!
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Basic Scones

After searching all over for the real scone recipe I synthesized my own. It lends itself well to personalizing with your own additions: sweet spices, dried fruits, peels, extracts, almost all...
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Holiday Pound Cake

The recipe is listed as a favorite of Elvis's for many years and as per the listed ingredients you can see why. Hope you enjoy it as much as I...
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Kheer-ioca Indian-style Tapioca Pudding

This recipe is my attempt to capture the taste of the Indian dessert kheer in an American context of a tapioca pudding.
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Eve's Spice Cake

This has been a family favorite since 1950. My grandmother gave me the recipe, when I married and moved to Illinois from Germany...
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Rich Cardamom Cookies

I recently baked this cardamom cookie recipe for a potluck and the guests raved about them because they are unusual and delicious.
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Peppery Ginger Cookies

Also known as pfefferneusse cookies, these spicy bites are adored in Scandinavia during the holidays. Try them with tea or a warm mug of hot cocoa.
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Curry and Cardamom Cookies

Crisp, sweet, and a unique flavor of cardamom and curry powder.
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Julie’s Super Tangy Tamarind Pie

Tamarind is a tangy ingredient that is popular in India and Mexico. Try making this bright, sweet pie with the recipe spices needed from The Spice House.
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Vanilla Kipfli

Katie Lisheron's Vanilla Kipfl are a family favorite at Christmas and other special events. My cousin Mark loved them so much, he could eat a plateful. His nickname was "the...
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Pfeffernuesse Cookies

My great-grandmother's recipe originally called for 10 cents worth of cassia, cardamom, anise seed and orange peel. Family tradition equates that to 2 tablespoons.
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Pepper Cookies

I found this recipe ages ago in a newspaper and have had fun with it over the years. No one can guess the secret ingredient.
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Chocolate Mint Brownies

This recipe was originally in a cookbook from Star Valley Wyoming in the 1970's and I converted it to suit my own tastes. I used to take these brownies to...
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