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Asian Hot Wings

Most people I know like hot wings. This is a slight variation, using Asian ingredients to marinade the wings and broiling them instead of frying.
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Chicken Milano

I started making recipe books for every girl getting married from our church. This one was given to me for the last Book, From Mrs. Betty Kemp
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Creamy Spiced Chicken over Rice

This is a great recipe for using leftover chicken (or turkey).
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Smoked Chicken

This is an adaptation of a water smoker recipe for smoked chicken. It does require planning ahead, but it takes very little effort to prepare and cook.
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Hot and Sour Chicken Curry

My method of cooking is 80% improvisation and 20% experience. I hardly ever measure my ingredients (the experience part), and I use whatever ingredients I have at hand (the improvisation...
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Melanie's Chicken Tikka Marinade

This marinade was used by my friend, Melanie, at a recent BBQ dinner party. It was the best tasting grilled chicken I've ever eaten! I believe it would also be...
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French Herbed Chicken

A simple recipe but very tasty marinade of vinegar and fines herbs.
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Black Bean Chili

This is a favorite of family and friends. I use a few different versions of this recipe, depending on who I am serving it to. I personally enjoy it with...
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Chicken Cacciatore

This recipe has been blatantly stolen from the old Joy of Cooking and modified for my tastes and what I usually have in the kitchen.
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Chicken With Lemon Curry Sauce

This recipe comes to us courtesy of the Spice of Life Cookbook by Treva Davis (no longer in print).
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Pasta with Smoked Chicken and Mushrooms

I found this chicken and mushroom pasta recipe about 15 years ago in a magazine, and it has been a family favorite and crowd pleaser ever since.
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Quick Tandoori Chicken

Yogurt. Chicken. Spices. This recipe couldn't be any simpler or more delicious.
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Mango Chicken

I made up this mango chicken recipe, and it is just delicious!
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Baharat Chicken Kebabs

We make these year round. Great for barbecues or for mid-winter dinners. We have been making chicken kababs in yogurt-spice marinade for years, but the Baharat spice mix makes it...
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Yummy Good Chili

This chili is really a combination of two recipes. I wanted something that was easy to prepare and did not take all day to make. This recipe does the trick....
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