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Toasted Fennel Spice Rub

Toasted Fennel Spice Rub
Made it up from other ideas. I like to make a spice mix to my own specifications without too much salt or none at all. Then add it as needed. Pepper is always optional or to taste.

Submitted by: Helen from Sun City, CA
Yield: About 3/4 cup


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Preparation Instructions:

Put the fennel, coriander and black peppercorns in a dry skillet and continue stirring on medium until you smell the aroma. Toasting brings out the flavors. GRIND in your spice ( coffee) mill. Add to the rest and store in a tight lidded jar.

More About This Recipe

Delicious rubbed on a pork roast before baking...good tossed with diced yams that have olive oil and salt on them and baked 1 hour. Be generous - it is a delicious mix.


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Customer Reviews

Steffi B

I have been searching for spice blends containing fennel, but alas, they are hard to find. I followed the recipe with only one exception: I added a bit of cayenne pepper because I like the heat. I thought this mix was excellent! It surpassed my expectations. The cinnamon definitely wraps up the wonderful blend of flavors by adding an exotic twist, but it still subtle enough not to overwhelm. I smothered it on a chicken breast, then grilled it in an electric grill. It was wonderful! Each bite was a different experience. I can’t wait to try it on a variety of other things. If you like lots of flavor with a middle eastern/ Mediterranean twist you will probably love this mix.

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