Caribbean Calypso Seasoning

Caribbean Calypso Seasoning highlights citrus flavors that are well-loved on the islands: lime, lemon and orange. We blend these bright citrus zests with rich, mild ancho chili and a little kick of nutmeg and cayenne for a tangy flavor that’s perfect with seafood, duck, and grilled pork.


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The chiles in this Calypso spice blend are mild, but heat lovers will enjoy how the blend tastes with fresh hot peppers. This blend is great for pork, chicken and flying fish, as well as any other fish! Also great added to salsas and mango chutney. It’s a favorite on grilled duck breast.
This Caribbean Calypso seasoning is hand mixed from: Kosher flake salt, orange, lemon, & lime peel, citric acid, coriander, ancho chile peppers, nutmeg, and cayenne pepper. Sodium content: 334.31 mg per teaspoon; 11.14% sodium

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