Chicago Old Town Premium Spiced Sugar

Chicago Old Town Premium spiced cinnamon sugar blend is a wonderful take on our sweet hand-made vanilla-flavored sugar, given a spicy twist with the addition of rich cassia cinnamon and fragrant cardamom. It’s an addictive treat on toast, pancakes, or fresh fruit, or delicious in coffee or tea.


Spice Region
Inline old town

This blend begins with our premium small-batch vanilla sugar, to which we add freshly ground Chinese cassia cinnamon as well as a small amount of aromatic ground Indian cardamom. Sprinkle this blend anywhere you would use vanilla-flavored sugar, and enjoy the deeper depth and more complex flavors. This blend is perfect in tea and reminiscent of the Middle Eastern tradition of flavoring coffee with cardamom. Also amazing on buttered toast, or sprinkled on oatmeal or yogurt. Great sprinkled onto pie crust or tea cake before baking.

This recipe comes from Bill Penzey, Sr. (my Dad), the original founder of The Spice House!

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