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The Spice House
maple sugar spice in bowls
Maple Sugar
Jar of maple sugar spice
overhead view of maple sugar
maple sugar spice in bowls
maple sugar spice in bowls
Maple Sugar
Jar of maple sugar spice
overhead view of maple sugar
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Maple Sugar

Native Americans collected and heated sap from maple trees, a practice early European settlers copied. Our maple sugar is made by tapping, reducing, crystallizing, and hand-grinding real Wisconsin maple sap. Use it anywhere you use cane sugar for a taste of the wild. It is especially tasty in pancake batter and barbecue sauces.

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The Spice House


Maple sugar is made by boiling maple sap until most moisture is gone. When the condensed sap gets dry and hot enough, it begins to crystallize and is stirred vigorously until it becomes granulated. This sugar can be used in place of white sugar in baking, or added to barbecue sauces and meat rubs for a woodsy sweetness. Maple sugar is also great when creating poached or baked fruit and is a match made in heaven for your morning waffles and pancakes. Ingredients: Maple sugar.

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maple sugar spice in bowls

Maple Sugar


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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Sandi M.
Love it but miss maple mesquite

Great for roasting just about any vegetable

Gail K.

Bought this specifically for my daughter to sprinkle on her oatmeal. She loves it.

Anne F.

Maple sugar is now an integral part of my kitchen. We are looking for recipes to use this in. Maple oatmeal, topping on bacon, maple scones… the list goes on and on.

Kenneth V.
That Something Extra

Adding this to cornmeal batter just before baking. Also works as a substitute for regular brown sugar in my maple and walnut scones. Subtle flavor that brings that little something extra to baked goods!

Carol K.
Best place for spices

I buy all my spices from Spice House. The are the best for their wide selection, freshness of the spices, warp speed shipping, and intelligent information about the content of the spices.

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