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Juniper Berries

Loved for their clear, sharp scent, juniper tree berries are indispensable in marinades for game and fowl, for stewing sauerkraut, or for crushing over a braised Savoy cabbage. Enjoy the citrusy flavor of the berries in a cold gin and tonic while you cook.

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The Spice House
The Spice House


Juniper berries have always been in great demand at the peak of the game season, for their primary purpose is to flavor wild game. They have a tart flavor which cuts back some of the gaminess of venison. In European countries, juniper berries are a necessity for marinades for wild boar, venison, and pork dishes; and are often used in stuffing for all types of fowl. Their flavor was also popular with the American Indians in the Pacific Northwest, who crushed the berries and cooked them with wild buffalo. They may be thrown in a stewand, of course, into sauerbrate or sauerkraut. While you wait for your stew to finish simmering, make sure to have a gin and tonic topped with a few juniper berries. Ingredients: Juniper berries. 



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