Gary Wiviott's Barbecue Rub

Gary Wiviott, a Chicago Tribune Good Eating award recipient, is known as the "professor of Barbecue,” while others call him Chicago’s Barbecue Life Coach. He designed this tangy, complex barbecue seasoning rub for us, so home cooks can replicate the succulent flavors he’s known for.


If you’re a Chicagoan who loves barbecue, you’ve probably rubbed elbows with Gary or at least tried his legendary ribs. Folks are always happy to see him show up at a backyard barbecue, because we know that where Gary goes, great barbecue follows! Like any great cook, Gary won’t reveal his secrets but has entrusted a few to the Spice House staff. We can’t reveal the precise ingredients of this BBQ spice rub under penalty of death, but we can tell you that it has a good shake of paprika as well as some garlic, onion, oregano, thyme, a few types of chile pepper and a pinch of salt.

Sodium content:185.43 mg per teaspoon; 6.53% sodium

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