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Ground Star Anise

Cooks from Saigon to Little Saigon infuse pho with this delicate spice. Ground star anise lends Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup a sweet richness reminiscent of licorice. In Europe, it 'stars' in poached pears and tea infusions. Also available in Whole Star Anise Pieces, or Hand Select Star Anise.

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The Spice House
The Spice House


Star anise is common in many Chinese dishes, especially recipes involving pork or chicken. Also known as Chinese anise, it features the same three essential oils as the anise seed despite them being unrelated. However, the flavor of star anise is noticeably stronger than the anise seed. Use this ground star anise when making rubs for meat, to add to sauces, or mixed into fillings for dumplings. Ingredients: Star anise.


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