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Pepper & Shallot Seasoning
Pepper & Shallot Seasoning
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Pepper & Shallot Seasoning

Sweeter than onions and milder than garlic, shallots thrive in the south of France and are a staple of French cuisine. Mixed with Telicherry peppercorns, Pepper-Shallot Seasoning is an outstanding and popular seasoning, especially as a stand-in for salt.

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Pepper and shallots combine to make a great flavor that isn't too intense and won't overpower the inherent flavors in your high-quality ingredients. Our Pepper-Shallot Seasoning is an all-purpose blend that’s good on steaks, hamburgers, fish, egg, and vegetables. Rich in shallot flavor, this simple yet tasty mixture makes a wonderful seasoning for veal or pork cutlets and homemade salad dressings. Blended in small batches from Tellicherry pepper, Kosher flake salt and freeze-dried shallots.

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Pepper & Shallot Seasoning


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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Adrienne B.
Would not purchase again

It tastes good but came in clumps; an indication it was packaged awhile ago. Not thrilled with that. My guess is it's not that popular.

Hi Adrienne,
Thank you for sharing your feedback.
Yes, unfortunately, some of our spices and blends are susceptible to clumping due to freeze-dried ingredients reacting to humidity and natural moisture in other ingredients. We consciously avoid adding silicates and anti-caking agents to our spices and blends (like some spice companies do) which results in better-tasting spices with the peace of mind of not consuming foreign substances.
To keep your spices un-caked in the jars, we recommend a customer take off the sifter cap and use a butter knife or fork to gently break a clumped spice apart. In a Flatpack or bag, you can massage the spice to work the clumps out before opening it. You can also store that spice in the refrigerator which will provide a more arid environment hopefully preventing your spice from clumping again.
I hope this information was helpful, but if you are unsatisfied with your product or you need further assistance, please email our customer support team at
We are happy to help.

Barbara S.

I love this spice, but the flat pack arrived damp-threw put the whole bag- complained and was told this was because there are no additives!! In the whole time I've been with Spice House, this has never happened--WHY NOW?
I'm not sure I'll be back as a customer, based on the response I received!

My favorite but getting expensive

I use this all the time but the price has gone up a dollar a flat pack when other spices rose fifty cents -not sure why since it’s only dried shallots and salt with only a dash of pepper .i ll try my hand at making my own.

mary c.
Super savor pepper shallot seasoning

This seasoning is perfect for veggies, fish, chicken, pasta and salads. Really gives them a flavor that takes blah to exciting no matter what you use it on.

Leslie S.
Great combo!

This is a perfect combination of spices I use a lot. It goes great on meat, veggies and eggs. I’ll be gethis again.

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