Wasabi, Blended Powder

Wasabi is a variety of green horseradish, with a sharp flavor that's a bit hotter than the familiar white horseradish.


Wasabi powder provides a nice change of pace from chiles. It provides heat, but has more of an herbal overtone and dissipates more quickly. You can also use it as a substitute for Dijon mustard, or as a flavoring in homemade mustard. Try adding a dollop of wasabi powder to your mashed potatoes, or mix it in with some mayo for a sandwich.

Combine equal parts of wasabi powder and warm water to make wasabi paste, similar to the familiar sushi accompaniment. You can also make an easy wasabi cream sauce in the same manner, just add warm cream until you reach the desired consistency.

Ingredients: Horseradish, Japanese wasabi, mustard, artificial coloring, corn flour, citric acid, ascorbic acid.

For wasabi enthusiasts, try our pure, undiluted "Namida" ground wasabi root.

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