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Saigon/Cassia Cinnamon vs. Ceylon Cinnamon Comparison

Saigon/Cassia Cinnamon vs. Ceylon Cinnamon Comparison

What is the difference between Saigon Cinnamon and Ceylon Cinnamon?

The main difference between saigon cinnamon and ceylon cinnamon comes from where they are grown giving each variety distinct qualities and benefits. Both cinnamon types are known for their strong aroma and flavor profiles.
Saigon cinnamon is spicy and sweet and has high oil content, making the spice very potent. It grows best in the central mountain forests of Vietnam. Saigon is great to use in sweet baking recipes where cinnamon is the star flavor, especially French toast, cinnamon rolls, and apple pie.

Ceylon cinnamon has a delicately floral and citrusy aroma. It is grown primarily on the island of Sri Lanka. Ceylon’s flavor pairs well with homemade jams, poached fruits, teas, and coffee. In fact, it is commonly used for making tea on its own. Ceylon is also popular in Mexican cuisine.

Saigon Cinnamon vs. Canela Molida

Canela molida simply translates from Spanish to “ground cinnamon” in English. Canela molida generally refers to Ceylon cinnamon. Canela molida holds similar warm cinnamon flavors as Saigon cinnamon, but with a softer flavor, that is typically found in Mexican dishes.

What are good recipes for Saigon Cinnamon?

We have fantastic recipes featuring Saigon cinnamon, including: snickerdoodles, cinnamon rolls, and apple pie.

What are good recipes for Ceylon Cinnamon?

Ceylon cinnamon is a popular choice for Mexican dishes, including Mexican hot chocolate.

Where can I learn more about cinnamon?

We have a blog post where we outline the different types of cinnamon or you can read this Bon Appetit article: “did you know that there are different types of cinnamon?

Where to buy Saigon cinnamon

We carry Saigon Cinnamon on our website. Year after year, this is one of The Spice House’s most popular spices.

Where to buy Ceylon cinnamon

Ceylon is one of the more common cinnamon types so you may be able to find this variety at your local grocery store. We also offer Ground Ceylon Cinnamon on our website as well.



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