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Saigon Cinnamon vs. Korintje Cinnamon Comparison

Saigon Cinnamon vs. Korintje Cinnamon Comparison

What is the difference between Saigon Cinnamon and Korintje Cinnamon?

The key difference between Saigon and Korintje Cinnamon is the flavor profile and where the plant is grown in the world. Vietnamese cinnamon (Saigon) is harvested in a very similar way as the Indonesian (Korintje) variety. Sheets of bark are stripped from the base of the tree, cleaned with a knife, and dried in the sun.
Saigon has a hot and sweet cinnamon flavor because of the high oil content in the bark. At one point, it was very challenging to find in the United States. You can often find Saigon cinnamon in baked dishes where cinnamon is the star, like cinnamon rolls.

Korintje cinnamon is also known as Cassia Cinnamon and is grown in Indonesia. The well-known, dependable flavor is bittersweet and similar to what you might find in cinnamon candies.

What are good recipes for Saigon Cinnamon?

Saigon cinnamon is a wonderful ingredient in many baking recipes. Some of our most popular include: apple pie, snickerdoodles, and ginger spice cookies.

What are good recipes for Korintje Cinnamon?

Korintje is especially popular in savory dishes that feature cinnamon. Here is a recipe for steamed rice using the spice as well as a braised meat dish.

Where can I learn more about the different types of cinnamon?

Check out our blog post on cinnamon where we outline the different types of cinnamon. You can also read this article: “did you know that there are different types of cinnamon?” from Bon Appetit.

Where can I buy Saigon cinnamon?

The Spice House carries Saigon Cinnamon. This is easily one of our most popular spices, give it a try!

Where to buy Korintje cinnamon?

We carry Korintje Cinnamon online on our website!



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