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Simple Za’atar Substitutes That You're Likely To Have

Simple Za’atar Substitutes That You're Likely To Have

Za’atar Substitute

Za’atar comes from the Arabic word for thyme. The za’atar from The Spice House is mixed with lemony sumac, nutty sesame, marjoram, thyme, and Greek oregano. This delicious spice mix can be used in very simple recipes, for example, a sprinkle of za’atar mixed with olive oil and spread on naan or bread is a delicious snack.

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Substitutes for Za’atar

Using za’atar is easy, from this quick chickpea salad, to sprinkling over the top of meatballs and kebabs, you’re going to love the flavor it packs into every bite. Try mixing olive oil, za’atar and plain yogurt for a delicious dip! If you don’t have za’atar available to you, there are other spices that can get the job done as well.

Common Za’atar Substitution Questions

Where to Buy Za’atar

Za’atar can be difficult to find in stores, so order online from The Spice House to ensure you’re getting the best, authentic, fresh za’atar.


What Does Za’atar Taste Like?

Za’atar is a great blend of both earthy and lemony flavors with a hint of nuttiness. The wild thyme and oregano add a robust flavor.

Za’atar Uses

Aside from being mixed with olive oil and spread on bread, za’atar can also be baked right into bread and sprinkled on top of freshly baked pita chips for a unique and memorable flavor. Sprinkle za’atar spice mix over kebabs, roasted chicken, or lamb for an extra flavor boost.



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