California Seasoned Pepper Blend

California Seasoned Pepper is among the best of our sodium free blends, and in addition to being salt-free, it also has no msg or sugar. This versatile blend of sharp pepper with sweet bell pepper and savory garlic and onion is a wonderful table condiment, and can season nearly any cooking.


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Many customers are understandably daunted at the prospect of not using salt after a doctor tells them to cut back, and are excited to find that blends like our California Seasoned Pepper ensure that their food doesn’t become tasteless and bland. This blend comes highly recommended by our salt-free customers, who love its robust flavor. It’s great sprinkled on grilled or baked chicken, grilled or sauteed fish, turkey, hamburgers, and veal. It’s also wonderful on vegetables, stuffed peppers, and eggs.
Ingredients: Tellicherry coarse grind pepper, California sweet red & green bell peppers, California onion & garlic powders.

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