Cinnamon, Ceylon 5" Quills

Ceylon “true” cinnamon, Cinnamomum zeylanicum, has a subtly complex flavor that doesn’t come across in the spicier and stronger cassia, with a delicately floral citrus aroma. The quills of whole Ceylon cinnamon are very delicate and feel similar to parchment paper, and can be broken apart with your fingertips.
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Ceylon cinnamon is different from cassia cinnamon, due to its much lower volatile oil content between 1 and 2%. The people of Europe and Mexico prefer this cinnamon, which is often used for spiced peaches and pears, in pickling, and for brewing hot cocoa.
Ceylon cinnamon’s light and understated flavor makes it perfect for dishes that don’t have other flavors competing for the foreground. These quills are great in dishes like cinnamon ice cream, Dutch pears, custard, steamed puddings, stewed rhubarb, dessert syrups, and mixed into whipped cream.
1 ounce is 3-4 whole sticks or about 1/4 cup of ground cinnamon.

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