Habanero Chile Peppers, Ground

Packing a fiery punch, habanero is an essential flavor in Caribbean cuisine. Clocking in at a scorching 200,000 Scoville units, this powder is a convenient way to add the fruity heat of habanero to sauces, salsas, and marinades.
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Although they’ve been replaced several times over as chilies have been bred for increasing heat, habaneros used to be considered the hottest in the world. In addition to a blistering heat, these beautiful, bell-shaped peppers have a delicious fruity sweetness, which pairs wonderfully with fruits and meats. Add habanero to traditional,  pineapple, or mango salsa for a hot tropical treat, or use sparingly to heat up bbq sauces or meat rubs.
Powdered habanero retains nearly the same heat level as whole peppers, with the same delicious notes of berry and tropical fruit. Stir a little bit into fruit salsas, or give your bloody mary a fiery tropical kick by adding a little habanero to the mix.

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