Hibiscus Blossoms, Flor de Jamaica

Dried hibiscus flowers have a gorgeous deep pink color and an intense sweet-tart fruity flavor, wonderful in tea, preserves, and baked goods. Steep blossoms in hot water or simple syrup for beverages, or to flavor sauces, jams, or frosting.


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Also known as flor de Jamaica, roselle or carcade, hibiscus Jamaica has a tart, pomegranate-like flavor, and is usually steeped in hot water like tea. Hibiscus is native to West Africa, where it is used to make bissap, the national drink of Senegal. It’s the main ingredient in the popular Mexican drink “Agua de Jamaica.” It’s wonderful in savory sauces and marinades. Hibiscus also makes a great base for a sweetened reduction sauce, and is used in jams and preserves. Hibiscus syrup is naturally pink and delicious in homemade soda, frosting, and baked goods. Brewers love hibiscus for its sweet-tart flavor and bright color.

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