Porcini "Extra AA" Dried Mushrooms, Whole

Also available as Powdered


A small, high-quality variety of porcini, these mushrooms actually produce their best flavor when dried and distilled. The liquid used to rehydrate these Porcini whole mushrooms has the strongest mushroom essence; a dark, rich, woodsy flavor that makes a fantastic base for soups, stocks, and sauces. The extra AA rehydrated mushrooms can be chopped and made into French mushroom paste or used in any dish calling for chopped mushrooms.

1 ounce of dried mushrooms is over a cup by volume.

We also carry powdered porcini mushrooms (Boletus edulis). This fine, flour-like powder is the perfect way to add a delicious mushroom flavor to any dish, without changing the texture. Great for sauces, soups, and risottos. While our sources vary, the porcini mushroom powder is currently grown in France while the whole mushrooms are now sourced domestically.

Grown in the Sierra Madre mountains of the USA. Contains sulfites.


Try our delicious new blend, Porcini Sea Salt! Premium Portuguese sea salt is mixed with earthy porcini mushroom powder for an elegant finishing salt that will add richness and depth to almost any dish.

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