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Anise Seeds

Gathered at their peak under the Andalusian sun, our Anise Seeds lend a fleeting and floral scent reminiscent of licorice. Use these whole seeds in Spanish tomato sauces, German brines, and sweet Italian sausages. Also available in ground.

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The Spice House
The Spice House


Anise Seed is native to the Mediterranean basin and has been used throughout history in both sweet and savory applications. In the Mediterranean, anise is featured heavily in breads, cookies and liquors, and the Romans even ended their elaborate feasts with anise cakes. In small amounts, anise makes a nice addition to sausage or in tomato sauce. Despite their name, anise seeds are not botanically related to star anise, but they have nearly identical flavors and in ground form can be substituted for each other. Ingredients: Anise seeds.



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