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The Spice House
crystallized ginger nibs
Ginger, Crystallized Nibs
Ginger, Crystallized Nibs
Overhead view of ginger nibs
Flatpack of crystallized ginger nibs
crystallized ginger nibs
crystallized ginger nibs
Ginger, Crystallized Nibs
Ginger, Crystallized Nibs
Overhead view of ginger nibs
Flatpack of crystallized ginger nibs
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Crystallized Ginger Nibs

Holiday Favorite

Unveil the perfect harmony of sweet and spicy with our Crystallized Ginger Nibs. These bite-sized delights, capture the zest and vibrancy of ginger, kissed with a delicate layer of crystalline sweetness. Whether you're seeking a gourmet treat, a unique baking ingredient, or a burst of energizing flavor, our Crystallized Ginger Nibs are your ticket to a sensory wonderland.

These tasty Crystallized Ginger Nibs are sweet enough to snack on and strong enough to 'ginger-ize' your baked goods. They are chopped small to save you the trouble. Also available in Crystalized Ginger Slices

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The Spice House


Our Crystallized Ginger Nibs begin their journey as fresh ginger roots, carefully harvested and chosen for their robust flavor. They are then candied in a sugar syrup until they achieve that perfect balance between spicy kick and sugary bliss. The result? Nibs that are chewy, flavorful, and radiate a lingering warmth. Whether you’re sprinkling them over desserts, blending them into your trail mix, or savoring them solo, these nibs add an unexpected twist of excitement.

Our dedication to quality is unparalleled. Each batch of Crystallized Ginger Nibs is crafted with care, ensuring that the natural goodness of ginger is retained while achieving that crave-worthy crystalline coat. Packaged with precision, we guarantee freshness, potency, and a burst of flavor in every nibble.

Almost any dish that calls for ground ginger can be made even tastier by including these nibs. Enjoyed as a candy since the days of Marco Polo, crystallized (or candied) ginger is created by cooking young slices of ginger root in cane sugar syrup. Ginger nibs make great decorations and are lovely in baked goods, trail mix or granola. 

Crystallized Ginger Nibs Key Features:

  • Harmonious Blend: Perfectly marries the spicy zing of ginger with a delightful sugary finish.
  • Top-Quality Ginger: Premium ginger is carefully selected to ensure a rich flavor profile.
  • Culinary Delight: A versatile ingredient that can be used in a myriad of dishes, from baked goods to salads.

Nicely uniform in size at 1/4-inch. Ingredients: Ginger, sugar.

Spice Highlights

Taste Notes
sweet, spicy, warm
Perfect For
baked goods, gourmet treats

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crystallized ginger nibs

Crystallized Ginger Nibs

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crystallized ginger nibs

Crystallized Ginger Nibs

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crystallized ginger nibs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Shawn P.
These are pure magic

I use them mostly for travel and calming an upset stomach. They work wonders.

Jac R.
Best medicine

I am new to Spice House, so far so great! Have not yet used the ginger nibs for baking but have eaten a few to settle my upset stomach. Seemed to do the trick! Can’t wait to bake.

N. S.
Best Spices Ever!!

Every spice I get from the Spice House is Stellar! Avoid the run of the mill spices. Your recipes are important - They deserve the superior quality spices from the Spice House.

Beverly B.

Use the Ginger Nibs to quell the spinning sensation caused by Vertigo.

Carol i.N.a.S.i.F.
Ginger cookies

I had a ginger cookie in a coffee shop and fell in love as it contained small pieces of crystallized ginger nibs! Genius idea! I ordered from The Spice House and ready to make my own!!!

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