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Hibiscus Blossoms

We first had agua de jamaica in Oaxaca, and were immediately hooked. To make it, steep dried hibiscus flowers in hot water, strain, and add equal amounts of agave syrup and fresh lime juice. If it is cocktail time, then add a shot of mezcal. Also known as bissap, hibiscus with its pomegranate-like flavor and bright colors is native to West Africa.

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The Spice House
The Spice House


The Hibiscus flower is popular in Mexico, Latin America, and Asian cuisine. To use Hibisucs you should soak it or simmer it to release its tart red juices. This flower can be used to make beautiful drinks like hibiscus lemonade or make a hibiscus simple syrup to add to vodka or gin. Hibiscus also pairs well with a mariniated leg of lamb, a nice tart salsa and enchiladas. For a sweet tooth you can use this beautiful flower for cream cheese frosting, hibiscus rubarbb tart or popsicles. Ingredients: Hibiscus. 



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