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Coriander, Indian Seeds
Coriander, Indian Seeds
Coriander, Indian Seeds
Coriander, Indian Seeds
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Indian Coriander Seeds

Consider: Chefs from Germany to South Africa and points in between use the nutty and peppery taste of coriander to flavor vastly different cuisines. Brewers prefer Indian coriander seeds. They're especially bittersweet with strong citrus notes think of a Belgian wit bier. Also available in Moroccan Whole Coriander Seeds, or Ground Moroccan Coriander.

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This lemony seed is a cousin to the more common Moroccan variety of coriander. It lends its flavor to liqueurs such as Vermouth and Chartreuse, as well as being a big hit with breweries for its bright, citrusy notes. Try using it to make homemade bitters. Similar to many whole seeds, Indian coriander is commonly toasted before use – heat it in a dry pan until you begin to smell its delightful aroma. Ingredients: Coriander seeds.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Darlene K.

Not bad/not great. No better than I could have gotten from the local grocery store. I noticed that there was NO freshness date on the package. Who knows how old the coriander was. Definitely not aromatic.

Mary Y.

I love the taste of ground Coriander but wanted to try the seeds for some recipes. This is the second bottle I’ve bought, from different companies, and I’ve decided I simply don’t find the coriander seeds have any smell or taste. This is my first try using them and threw first purchase away due to no flavor. But if the Spice House product is the same, it must be me?! Maybe I’m expecting too much. Do they add flavor when cooked? Hard to say as they were mixed in with many other spices. Think I’ll just stick with the powdered form.

Chris G.
Shrimp with coriander seasoning

I used them in a shrimp recipe in which you crack coriander seeds with black peppercorns and mix them with several other spices and briefly cook before adding to cooked shrimp. The coriander seeds were very fragrant and imparted a wonderful flavor to the shrimp.

Laura W.
coriander seees


Susan B.
Ordered the Wrong One

I meant to order ground cumin. I'm sure this will be great when needed, but will it be fresh?

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