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Brown Mustard Seed
Mustard, Brown Seed
overhead view of Mustard Seed
flatpack of Mustard Seed
Brown Mustard Seed
Brown Mustard Seed
Mustard, Brown Seed
overhead view of Mustard Seed
flatpack of Mustard Seed
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Brown Mustard Seed

One can hear the pop of mustard seeds in homes and restaurants across South Asia. When warmed, these small Brown Mustard Seeds release an aromatic oil essential to many curries. In Europe and America, mustard seeds are more often used in sausage and to make slaw. Also available in Whole Yellow Mustard Seed, Ground Mild Mustard, or Ground Medium Mustard. Visit our blog to learn more about mustard seeds.

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Brown mustard seeds are often used in Germany and Russia in mustard condiments, usually in their crushed form. Brown mustard seeds are a common varietal of mustard, and are often substituted for the much harder-to-find black mustard seeds. Ingredients: Mustard seeds. 

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Brown Mustard Seed

Brown Mustard Seed


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Leslie S.
A Bit Too Hot

We decided to try making homemade mustard. We added the brown mustard seeds to some yellow, but they made the mustards too hot. Crafting mustard is fun, interesting and not easy.

Hey Leslie!
You can moderate the mustard heat by cooking the mustard or adding more acidity.

Colleen E.

They are wonderful and I used them in some of my canning.

Anna H.
Great flavor

I use it in my fresh German sweet pickles

Martin G.
Excellent flavor, and makes awesome microgreens.

Any time a recipe calls for yellow mustard I add one third part brown mustard to boost the snappiness. This one is clean, tasty and properly spicy.

As an unexpected bonus, I use it for sprouting. It's equal or better in germination, growth rate, and flavor compared to any brand I've tried that's sold for sprouting, and about equivalent in price.

Fr C.S.O.
hot yet subtle

Brown Mustard has its own unique qualities of both heat and subtle flavor which lends to homemade curries a complexity rich and mysterious. Welcome addition to any dish in which curry is used.

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