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Sweet Nib Mix

The richness of roasted cocoa mixed with the spicy zing of candied ginger make this blend a perfect snack on its own, or in granola or trail mix. Added as a topping for baked goods, Sweet Nib Mix will win you countless baking accolades.

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The Spice House
The Spice House


We don't have to go to great lengths to explain why our Sweet Nib Mix is so beloved. As legend has it, a hungry spice merchant mixed this up as a snack during a lunch break and it went on sale right away. Try substituting Sweet Nib Mix for chocolate chips in a chocolate chip cookie recipe. Use them as an ice cream or parfait topping. Or have them out in a bowl for a handy snack, but know it won't last for long! Ingredients: Cocoa nibs, ginger, sugar, sulfites.


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