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Cocoa Nibs

These fermented, roasted cacao beans taste of unsweetened dark chocolate. The nibs are rich, slightly bitter, and delicious. Sprinkle them on cakes and ice cream. Use them in banana bread or mole, or substitute them for nuts in baked treats.

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The Spice House
The Spice House


People who enjoy dark chocolate love these nibs, as they are far more intense and rich than the chocolate made from them. Roasted cacao nibs are great on a variety of desserts and baked goods, including brownies banana bread, cakes, cookies, truffles, ice cream, and tarts. They are also fun for experimenting in savory dishes such as chili, mole and even salads. Cacao beans are purchased from various purveyors around the world. They are fermented, then put through a cleaner, followed by a roaster where hot air gently toasts the beans. Later they go through a winnower machine, which slightly crushes the beans and removes their thin shells, yielding the cacao nibs.



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