Almond Extract

Large square almond extract
Among the baking extracts, almond extract is second only to vanilla in popularity. This almond flavoring is strong, intensely sweet flavor is popular for pastries and breads in Northern Europe, or add a few drops to pancake batter, fruit pies, or coffee for an elusive sweetness.


If you've ever been to one of Chicago’s wonderful local Scandinavian bakeries, you will notice almond extract as a dominant flavor in many of the baked goods. Use in small amounts (usually 1/2 teaspoon per batch) to flavor bread, cookies, bars, cheesecake, crackers and marzipan. In addition, almond extract is traditionally used for Middle Eastern meat stews, mild curry, and Indian sweet rice pudding. Add just a drop to sweeten waffles or French toast. Excellent with pie or muffins that utilize fruit. 

Contents: All flavor ingredients contained in this product are approved for use in regulation of the Food and Drug Administration, or in a reliable published industry list. It also contains water, alcohol and propylene glycol.

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