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Our Favorite Saint Patrick's Day Recipes

Corned beef, corned beef brine, Irish recipes, St. Patrick’s Day recipes

Outside of St. Patrick’s Day, Irish cuisine doesn’t get the year-round love and adoration that its European neighbors often get. The culinary experts at The Spice House think that’s a shame. Hearty stews, earthy root vegetables, and fresh seafood exemplify the richness and deliciousness of Irish cuisine. When combined with fresh, flavorful spices, Irish food is absolutely special. But, since it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, we want to spotlight some of our favorite Irish recipes perfect for a flavorful St. Patrick’s Day feast, or at any dinner party throughout the year.

Irish Corned Beef

Irish Corned Beef Brisket Recipe. Irish food for St. Patrick's DayRecipe

It simply wouldn’t be a St. Patrick’s Day celebration without corned beef. Corning beef is remarkably easy. And, when you use The Spice House’s rich blend of Corned Beef Spices comprised of 15 unique spices including Turkish bay leaves, yellow and brown mustard seeds, and Tellicherry peppercorns, your corned beef might end up being a year-round favorite. Simply follow our Corned Beef Brine recipe below.


Classic Irish Soda Bread

Irish Soda Bread Recipe. Recipes for St. Patrick's Dayy

Soda bread is a bread that uses baking soda as a leavening agent instead of traditional yeast. Irish soda breads, in particular, can be sweeter than other soda breads. Our Irish Soda Bread recipe calls for fresh caraway seeds to add special flavor. Add in some Guinness stout for extra Irish flare to create the perfect addition to a St. Patrick’s Day feast.


Guinness Gravy Pot Roast

Irish-Style Beef Pot Roast Recipe. Beef pot roast with Guinness beer gravy recipe.

Is there anything more quintessentially Irish than a freshly poured, foam-topped pint of Guinness? Our Pot Roast Recipe adds a generous serving of this Irish black gold to create a robust take on the traditional pot roast. Serve on top of carrots and potatoes or alongside a fresh loaf of bread to sop up the delicious, savory Guinness gravy.


Chocolate Whiskey Cake

Chocolate Whiskey Cake Recipe. Food recipes for St. Patricks Day

As popular as Guinness is on St. Patrick’s Day, we must not forget Irish whiskey. Our decadent recipe for Chocolate Whiskey Cake incorporates our luxurious Mexican Vanilla Extract and Chocolate Extract. Add in a kick of Irish whiskey and you’ll be enjoying a rich, chocolatey dessert on St. Patrick’s Day.




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