Dill Weed

Dill weed is a popular herb that gives dishes a bright, tasty flavor. It’s popular in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, and commonly used in Mediterranean, Persian and some Southeast Asian cuisines.


Modern dehydration practices ensure that the dill weed stays extremely green and flavorful, making this herb a colorful and tasty addition to many dishes. It has a light, sweet flavor that is best added to a dish right before serving. Dill weed is popular in Greek, Slavic and Turkish cooking for chicken casserole as well as recipes containing spinach, mushrooms and lamb. German cooking often uses it in dishes showcasing fish, poultry, eggs and cheese.
Dill is among the oldest cultivated herbs and has been found in Neolithic grave sites, ancient Greek and Roman ruins, and even the tomb of Amenhotep II, a Pharaoh of Egypt in the 11th century BC.
NOTE: As with all herbs, dill weed is very light in weight and high in volume. The 4 ounce size will almost fill a quart size zip-lock bag while the 8 ounces is about half a gallon. Most people only need the 1 ounce size package or the jar.

Recipes featuring this spice

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