Ozark Fried Chicken Seasoning

Inspired by the home cooking of the Ozarks, this seasoning makes the best fried chicken you’ll ever taste. It has an intensely savory base with bright topnotes from sage, mustard and ginger that perfectly compliments the richness of a good piece of crisp fried chicken.


To coat fried chicken that twangs with flavor, mix one part Ozark Fried Chicken Seasoning with five parts flour in a bag. Throw the chicken pieces in and shake until coated, then fry.
Ozark Fried Chicken Seasoning is also delicious on fried catfish, grilled pork chops, or to make seasoned croutons. Toss cubed potatoes in this seasoning before roasting for an addictive side dish that’s a winner at picnics.
Hand-mixed from salt, monosodium glutamate, Tellicherry black pepper, paprika, garlic, thyme, sage, mustard, dill, ginger, powdered bay leaves, mace. Sodium content: 683.27 mg per teaspoon; 17.66%

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