Porcini Sea Salt

This intensely aromatic mix of organic sea salt and high grade porcini powder makes a deeply flavorful finishing salt. Sprinkle in place of regular salt for an impressive garnish on meats and roasted vegetables, or use as a salty topping for breads or savory pastries.


We mix this finishing salt with Salt Cream, the Portuguese version of the French Fleur de Sel, the highest quality sea salt skimmed from the surface of the drying pile. We then infuse this pure and elegant base with porcini mushrooms, revered since Roman times for their complexity of flavor. Nutty and woodsy with an earthiness that is reminiscent of the more expensive white truffle salt from Italy, you’ll want to keep this salt within arm’s reach when it’s time to eat.
Hand mixed from Portuguese Salt Cream and Porcini AA Mushrooms.

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