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Broken Leaf Sage

Sage is the characteristic flavor of saltimbocca, turkey stuffing, and Lincolnshire sausages. To cooks, it is the dried leaf of the fuzzy gray shrub by the same name. Our Crushe, Dried Sage leaves are grown in Dalmatia, where downwinds from the Dinaric Alps and salty air off the Adriatic give it a remarkable pungency. Also available in Rubbed Sage.

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The Spice House
The Spice House


The Druids believed so strongly in sage’s healing properties, they thought it could bring the dead back to life, while tea made from crushed sage leaves was said to improve both memory and prudence. Sage was also thought to counteract the indigestion caused by such rich foods as sausage or fatty poultry, and thus it became a regular ingredient in these recipes. As with all herbs, Crushed Sage Leaves are lightweight while being high in volume. Ingredients: Sage.



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