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Dill Seeds

The grassy flavor of Dill Seeds accent Russian and Caucasian dishes, is a key ingredient in sauerkraut and Nordic breads, and adds a hint to classic French sauces. Dill seed also stars in pickle recipes around the world. 

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The Spice House
The Spice House


Dill seeds are also popular in Scandinavian cooking for flavoring bread, sauerkraut, vegetables and potatoes. Dill is believed to help relieve digestive troubles, and in the 8th century, Prince Charlemagne gave out vials of dill seeds to his banquet guests to relieve hiccups. It has been thought to be among the earliest cultivated herbs since it was found in Greek and Roman ruins, Neolithic burial sites, and the tomb of Amenhotep II. When making pickles, use around 2-3 teaspoons per quart of pickles. Ingredients: Dill seeds.


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