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Powdered Superior Grade Spanish Saffron

Our Powdered Superior Grade Spanish Saffron is grown in La Mancha, Spain. Saffron is expensive because it must be harvested by hand. The threads are the pistils of Crocus sativus, and it takes one acre and 75,000 crocuses to produce one pound of saffron. The flowers bloom only one week each year. Also available in Spanish Superior Saffron, Spanish Coupe Saffron, or Rumi Afghan Saffron.

The Spice House
The Spice House


Saffron may well be the oldest of all cultivated spices--as depicted on the ruins of the walls of the palace of Knossos, Crete dating from 1700 BC. The Greeks considered saffron to be the essence of youth and life, while Phoenician newlyweds slept on pillows strewn with saffron. It takes very little saffron to turn water yellow, leading to its use as a natural dye in the past. Because saffron is so expensive it is rarely used as a dye in modern times – though in special circumstances, Indian women will still dye their wedding gowns and veils with this beautiful golden color. We offer it in a 5 gram vial. Ingredients: Saffron.



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