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Curry Substitute

Curry Substitute

Curry powder is essential for your favorite Indian and Thai dishes like this red Thai curry and this chicken with coconut red curry sauce.  If you’ve run out of curry powder in the middle of whipping up one of these dishes, you can still create the necessary curry spice and flavor with other ingredients in your cabinet.


Curry Powder Substitute

If it’s been a while since you’ve made an Indian or Thai dish that requires curry powder, you may look in your cabinet to find you’re all out, or the curry powder you do have has lost all of its flavor. If this is the case for you, try some of the substitutions here.

Common Curry Powder Substitution Questions

How to Make Curry Powder

Curry powder is a combination of many spices that gives dishes a unique flavor. These curry flavors differ between each recipe because every family has their own mix of ingredients and ratios to be as unique as their taste buds. Here is a general curry powder recipe, but feel free to tweak as needed!

The best curry recipe is one that is unique to your family and your unique tastes. Using the outline above, play around with different amounts of your favorite spices to get your best curry.

What Is Curry?

Curry powder is a mix of spices usually containing coriander, cumin, and turmeric. Each family, region and culture uses a different mixture of these spices to create their unique “Curry”. Some curry powder recipes can contain over 30 different spices! Curry has a very complex yet distinctive flavor that is both spicy, and sweet, yet bitter.



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