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Sage Substitute

Sage Substitute

Sage is an aromatic dried herb of the fuzzy grey shrub by the same name. Revered for its medicinal properties by cultures around the world, sage also is a staple savory herb. You can find its characteristic flavor in saltimbocca, Lincolnshire sausages, and turkey stuffing. Sage can come fresh, ground, or rubbed which all give different amounts of flavor so be sure to read recipes that involve sage carefully.  


Substitutes for Sage

When you don’t have any sage on hand, there are still many other herbs and spices you can use to achieve the same impact. Similar aromatic dried herbs like rosemary and thyme work well as alternatives. Some seasoning blends like poultry seasoning and italian seasoning tend to contain sage so using that is another option as well.  Check out some of the other substitutions, below: 

Common Sage Substitution Questions

What is Fresh Sage to Ground Sage Equivalent?

If you are looking to substitute fresh sage with ground sage, we recommend using the conversion of 1 tablespoon of fresh sage = ½ teaspoon of dried sage. 

Rubbed Sage vs. Ground Sage Conversion

Rubbed sage is a processing technique that releases aroma differently than ground/broken leaf sage. 1 teaspoon of rubbed sage is roughly equivalent to ½ teaspoon of ground sage. 

What is a Sprig of Sage?

A sprig of sage is approximately 2-4 inch stem of the herb with a few leaves on it. This is used like a bay leaf or bouquet garni. You can substitute about ½ teaspoon of dried sage when a recipe calls for a sprig. 

What Can I Use in Place of Sage?

Rosemary, marjoram, and thyme are good alternatives for sage. You can also use seasonings mixes that contain sage such as poultry seasoning or italian seasoning if you have those on hand. 

What is a Sage Substitute for Stuffing?

Marjoram is a good sage substitute for stuffing as both herbs are in the mint family and have a similar flavor profile.

What Can I Substitute for Sage in Soup?

A good substitute for sage in soup is thyme or poultry seasoning which often contains sage in the mix. 



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