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The 6 Best Substitutes For Marjoram

The 6 Best Substitutes For Marjoram

Marjoram is a delicate, citrusy, and piney-tasting herb closely related to Oregano. It can be found in blends such as herbs de provence as well as za’atar. Dishes that showcase marjoram include chicken cacciatore as well as goulash, There are many ways to cook with marjoram, as it is a very versatile spice.

Substitutes for Marjoram:

When you’re out of marjoram but are still looking for the aromatic, earthy and woody flavor it provides, try using one of the substitutes listed here! Oregano is most likely the closest substitute you’ll find, but any of the spices here will work well.


Common Marjoram Recipes and Substitute Questions

Is There a Substitute for Marjoram?

Greek Oregano is a great substitute for marjoram. Since oregano is more pungent, you’ll want to use about half the amount of oregano as you would marjoram.

Is Marjoram Oregano? 

Oregano is a close relative of marjoram, but oregano and marjoram are not the same. Marjoram and oregano share the same genus but are different species. Marjoram has a sweeter, less pungent flavor.

What is Marjoram Used For? 

Not only does marjoram provide a sweet, earthy flavor to many dishes, it also has health benefits and is commonly used to aid in digestion.

What Herb Can Be Used Instead Of Marjoram? 

Instead of marjoram, we suggest using the close relative oregano. Be sure to only use about half the amount of oregano, as it has a much more pungent flavor.



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