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Chopped Garlic

Dehydrated garlic saves efficient cooks the trouble of peeling and handling fresh cloves. It takes nine pounds of fresh, top-grade California garlic to make a pound of this dehydrated chopped garlic. Proportion: 1/8 teaspoon, dried = 1 medium, fresh clove. Chopped garlic is perfect for soups and stews. Also available in Granulated Garlic, Roasted Granulated Garlic, Organically Sourced Granulated Garlic, or Minced Garlic.

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The Spice House
The Spice House


This dehydrated chopped garlic packs a punch!It's no secret that Garlic is one of the most used ingredients worldwide, Chopped Garlic specifically is often overlooked for how usefull it is to have around the kitchen. It re-hydrates well, can stand up to long cooking times, and makes for an excellent textural element when used as a simple garnish! Try sprinkling some onto your next loaf of fresh baked bread, or on top of an Italian tomato and onion salad! Ingredients: Garlic.


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