Milwaukee Ave Steak Seasoning

Also known as Chicago Polish Seasoning, this intensely savory blend is a staff favorite for steaks, pork chops, burgers, and more. Rich with the flavors of smoke and garlic, with a subtle sweetness from hints of marjoram and cardamom, this blend is wonderful for making your own Polish style sausage or seasoning homemade beef jerky.


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Poles and Polish-Americans make up one of the largest ethnic groups in Chicago, and have made enormous contributions to the city’s history and culture. We designed this seasoning to honor that heritage. Classic Old Country flavors like paprika and garlic, marjoram and the rich aroma of smoke, are reminiscent of the hearty, meaty flavors loved in Polish cooking. Use this blend for mouth-watering grilled steaks and pork chops, or mix into ground beef or turkey for deliciously savory burgers or homemade sausage. For vegetarians, this seasoning will add a rich meaty taste to grilled tofu, bean dishes, or veggie burgers.
In our Milwaukee shops, this blend is known as Mitchell Street Seasoning, after Milwaukee’s Polish neighborhood.
Hand mixed from: salt, hickory smoke powder, Hungarian sweet paprika, garlic, Tellicherry black pepper, cardamom and marjoram. Sodium content: 773.27 mg per teaspoon; 22.74% sodium

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