Chinese Five Spice Powder

Chinese Five Spice Powder is a Spice House favorite due to its wonderful combination of sweet and savory taste elements. It’s delicious in stir fries, or makes a wonderful marinade for pork or tofu.


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The Chinese practice balancing yin and yang in their meals, and so the heat of a dish should be countered with a cooling ingredient. This blend has a delightful group of flavors - warm, cool, sweet and spicy - that balance each other beautifully. Chinese Five Spice is a versatile mixture perfect for vegetables, rice, pork and virtually any kind of stir fry. A dash of this blend also adds excitement to muffins, nut breads and waffle and pancake batter. This Chinese 5 spice powder also adds a nice touch mixed with coffee grounds before brewing coffee. 
Gently hand mixed from China Tung Hing cassia cinnamon, powdered star anise and anise seed, China No. 1 ginger and ground cloves.
Try our tasty Chinese 5 Spice Marinade recipe, great with pork, beef and chicken, as well as any any summer grilling gathering.

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