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Extra Hot Cajun Seasoning

This may surprise you: the most famous recipes for crawfish, catfish, crab, broiled oysters, and jambalaya trace their roots back to the Canadian Maritimes. In the modern kitchen, though, our Cajun seasoning always tastes and smells 100% Louisiana bayou. Also available in Classic Cajun, or Salt-Free Cajun.

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The Spice House
The Spice House


Cajun seasoning is the authentic spice blend for Cajun and non-Cajun cooks alike. Cajun seasoning is often referred to as, blackening spice, for dishes such as blackened catfish or black n’ bleu burgers. The actual blackening is done by a very hot cast-iron skillet—know that if you try to blacken food at home you may set off your fire alarm. Blackening is just one way to enjoy this zesty spice blend. Season homemade gumbo, jambalaya, toasted nuts, grilled chicken wings, Cajun-style french fries, barbecue ribs, and all your favorite seafood or shellfish. Cajun seasoning elevates scrambled eggs, omelettes, and roasted vegetables. Ingredients: Kosher salt, paprika, spices, celery, garlic, onion.


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