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Cumin vs Coriander Comparison

Cumin vs Coriander Comparison

What is the difference between cumin and coriander?


The key difference between cumin and coriander is that they are seeds from completely different plants species, and with that comes from their distinct flavor profiles. They are sometimes confused because the flavors compliment each other so well, and can often be found together in garam marsala (although our garam blend swaps out cumin for charnushka seeds). Many recipes such as this coconut curry dish utilize both cumin and coriander, activated by frying in ghee.

Cumin’s profile has a zesty savory pungency and is known as a “warming spice.” Cumin is a staple for curries, chili, and barbecue sauces and is also frequently used in taco seasoning blends and gyro recipes. You can purchase cumin ground or whole, allowing you to grind as needed to preserve freshness and toast as needed.

Coriander has a flavor profile that includes a hint of peppery lemon with a subtle sweetness. The coriander plant produces both an herb (cilantro) and a spice (coriander seeds) - which have unique flavors themselves. Moroccan coriander is the most commonly imported type of coriander, but the Spice House also carries bittersweet Indian coriander seeds as well. Indian coriander is favored by brewers for flavoring Belgian wheat beers.

What are good recipes for cumin?


From gyro meat to chili, cumin adds a unique flavor to recipes across the globe. Curry aloo (potato curry) is a more traditional dish that uses cumin. For something a bit different, consider using cumin in your hot sauce mixes or in this crowd-pleasing cumin carrot soup recipe.

What are good recipes for coriander?


Coriander is often a key ingredient used in seasoning mixes such as ras el hanout and garam masala. For a crowd, consider this timeless turkish stuffed pepper recipe or this beef satay recipe. It also shines in pickling recipes such as pickled cauliflower.

Is cilantro the same thing as coriander?


Cilantro is the herb leaf from the coriander plant. Once the plant goes to seed it produces coriander seeds. So, cilantro is not the same as coriander but there are some overlaps in citrus flavor notes.

Where can I learn more about cumin seeds?


Cumin is a fascinating international spice with many diverse uses. Did you know that Egypt’s pharaohs were buried with it? Check out our in-depth cumin seed spotlight if you want to learn more.

Is cumin ground coriander?


Cumin and ground coriander are not the same spice. Although they both add a lemony warmth to recipes, they are different spices.

Where can I buy cumin?


The Spice House carries many varieties of cumin, both ground cumin and whole cumin seeds. For savory dishes, we recommend toasting the whole seeds to unlock a more complex cumin flavor.

Where can I buy coriander?


We carry both whole Moroccan and Indian coriander seeds. Should you need it ground, we also carry ground Moroccan coriander.



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