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Peppercorns, Brined Green
Peppercorns, Brined Green

Brined Green Peppercorns

These unripened black peppercorns are brined in vinegar, salt, and lemon juice. Add them to any recipe that calls for coarse pepper steak au poivre, cacio e pepe, roast chicken, even watermelon salad for a bright, caper-like zing.

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Young, green peppercorns spoil quickly, so they are often brined or dried to preserve them. The brine gives them a delightfully tart and salty flavor, making them especially delicious with fresh seafood; they’re also zestier than black peppercorns. Crush them with the side of a knife and mince them to add intense green peppercorn flavor to sauces and marinades, or toss the whole peppercorns into a sauté for a gentler release of flavor.



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