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Flatpack from The Spice House.
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Each flatpack contains the same quantity of spice (½ cup) as in our jars.
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Chiles, Aleppo Peppers

Named after the Syrian city, the Aleppo pepper found its...

Chiles, Ancho Ground

Ancho chile powder is made from sweet and earthy chilies,...

Chiles, Cayenne

Derived from the Tupi for pepper, cayenne appears in Caribbean,...

Chiles, Cayenne Organically Sourced

Derived from the Tupi for ‘pepper,' cayenne appears in Caribbean,...

Chiles, Chipotle Ground

Ground chipotle is a truly exciting alternative to black pepper....

Chiles, Crushed Red Flakes

Crushed red pepper flakes are an icon of Italian family...

Chiles, Guajillo Ground

“A workhorse with a lot of dazzle,” according to Chicagoan...

Chiles, Habanero Ground

Grown mainly in the Yucatán, the origins of habanero can...

Chiles, Jalapeno Diced

Named after Jalapa, the capital of the Mexican state of...

Chiles, Jalapeno Ground

Jalapeño means "from Xalapa" in Spanish, Xalapa being the capital...

Chiles, New Mexican Green Ground

Picked early in their ripening to preserve their color, sweet...

Chiles, New Mexican Red Ground

You can’t make carne adobada—New Mexico’s iconic, flavorful pork stew—without...

Chiles, Urfa Biber

Known also by its Kurdish name, Isot, ‘biber’ is Turkish...

Paprika, California Sweet

This sweet paprika is made from hybrid peppers grown in...

Paprika, Hungarian Half-Sharp

Hungary is world famous for paprika, and the town of...

Paprika, Hungarian Sweet

This very high quality paprika from the Kalocsa region of...

Paprika, Organically Sourced

Vibrant and sweet, this Spanish Sweet Paprika—it is not smoked—is...

Paprika, Smoked Hot

Made from peppers slowly dried over an oak fire, this...

Paprika, Smoked Sweet

Made from peppers slowly dried over an oak fire, this...

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